Nitride-Based Type-II InGaN-(In)GaNAs 'W' Quantum Well Gain Media for Solid State Lighting Applications (Technology #: 030806-01)


The technology of this invention allows the engineering of gallium nitride-based quantum well gain media resulting in a significantly larger optical gain for blue-green-red wavelength regimes, in comparison to that of conventional technology. The technology now provides one with the ability to realize gallium nitride-based high efficiency blue-green-red gain media on GaN or sapphire substrate, which can be integrated into a single chip for achieving a high-performance and low-cost solid state lighting for general illumination light sources. The proposed technology in this invention can also be grown by standard III-V semiconductor MOCVD / MBE epitaxy, and the device structures can also be fabricated by standard semiconductor processing technology.

  • Second generation LEDs that exhibit high efficiency in the blue, green, and red regime.
  • High performance (i.e. low threshold current, high efficiency) diode lasers in the 370-750 nm wavelength regime.
  • High-performance green diode lasers on III-Nitride template (i.e. GaN or sapphire substrates)
  • Depositing the active regions on GaN or sapphire substrates using a low-cost commercial processing step of MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition).

A prime example of the utilization of this novel invention is the production of high-performance diode lasers in the green regime, which would enable one to replace the current bulky and expensive green lasers with the compact, low-cost and high-performance green diode lasers for medical therapy and diagnostic applications. Additionally, the invention is suitable for many types of optoelectronics devices, including light emitting diodes, lasers, detectors, in particular for solid state lightings, displays, digital video disks and medical applications.


This technology is protected under US Patent 7,518,139

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