Dual Catalyst Bed Reactor for Methanol Oxidation (Technology #: 091301-03)


A process and apparatus for oxidizing methanol in a gas stream into formaldehyde in a fixed bed reactor. The process first introduces a gas stream into a fixed bed reactor. The fixed bed reactor contains a catalyst bed having a depth, a width, a length, an inlet, an upstream region, a downstream region and an outlet. Preferably, the inlet, the upstream region, the downstream region and the outlet are provided in the order stated. A vanadia-titania catalyst is provided in the upstream region and a molybdena-titania catalyst is provided in the downstream region. The vanadia-titania catalyst in the upstream region is substantially free of MoO.sub.3 and initially (i.e., during oxidation some V.sub.2 O.sub.5 may sublime and migrate to the downstream region) the molybdena-titania catalyst in the downstream region is substantially free of V.sub.2 O.sub.5. Next, the gas stream is contacted with the vanadia-titania catalyst under oxidizing conditions. Then, the gas stream is contacted with a molybdena-titania catalyst under oxidizing conditions which provides a product stream containing formaldehyde at the desired conversion and formaldehyde selectivity.


This technology is protected under the US Patents 6,559,345 and 6,875,724

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