Electrochemical System and Method for the Removal of Charged Species from Contaminated Liquid and Solid Wastes (Technology #: 041095-01)


An electrokinetic system and method are provided for removing charged species from a sample in which said charged species is commingled with at least one radionuclide. The apparatus comprises an anode compartment comprising an anode, a cathode compartment comprising a cathode, and a treatment zone in fluid communication with the anode and cathode compartments for containing the sample. The anode compartment, cathode compartment, and treatment zone are arranged so that a voltage gradient applied between the anode and the cathode induces an electrical current flow through the sample in the treatment zone. The current causes migration of the positively charged species in the sample toward the cathode and the negatively charges species toward the anode. A pH controller is provided for monitoring and adjusting acidity and basicity to facilitate the removal of salts while maintaining contaminants within the sample.

  • Soil decontamination


This technology is protected under US Patent 5,614,077

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