Periodic Mesoporous Phosphorous (V)-oxyimide (Technology #: 043007-01)


The technology introduces a novel material - periodic mesoporous phosphorus(V)-oxyimide. It has market potential in a number of key future technologies. Its surface properties render it interesting as a component in gas separation and purification systems in which waste gases such as SO2, SO3, or CO2 need to be separated from other gases. In a further possible application, the material would function as an interlayer dielectric in microelectronic chips. Its structure and composition suggests a favorable combination of thermal stability, elastic modulus, and dielectric properties. The surface properties and the regularity of the pores furthermore suggest potential use as shape selective base catalyst. Protonated forms of the material should represent a solid acid which may be useful for acid catalysis. Lastly, the thermal behavior of the material suggests that it can be used as "hard" template for other porous materials without the need of an external reagent.


Other technologies do not include the existence of a lone pair of electrons from the Nitrogen atom, a property that may enhance Lewis-basicity, and lead to more useful catalytic properties. Moreover, the periodicity of the mesopores lead to shape selectivity, better defined adsorption-desorption properties, as well as better defined mass transport properties. Phosphorus(V)-nitrides also offer a unique combination of mechanical strength, high thermal stability, and a low dielectric constant.

  • Gas separation
  • Hard template for porous materials
  • Catalyst for chemical reactions

A utility patent application has been filed

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