Method and Apparatus for Characterizing Coal Tar in Soil (Technology #: 012704-01)


The present invention provides a method and apparatus or system for determining an amount of coal tar that can enter, and subsequently be displaced from, a given type of soil for a range of depths of the soil. The method and apparatus also provide verification of the pressure at which coal tar can be displaced from a given type of soil. In particular, the method and apparatus simulate the hydrostatic pressure that a soil sample encounters in the subsurface of the ground. Accordingly, the method and apparatus provide a relationship between the concentration of coal tar in the soil and the pressure required to displace the coal tar from the soil, which allows for an estimation of the amount of coal tar that may be displaced at a particular location or site. Further, the method and apparatus are adaptable for use in the laboratory or the field.

  • Waste management
  • Coal tar measurements


This technology is protected under US Patent 7,393,689

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