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Process for the Preparation of Aqueous Dispersions of Particles of Water-Soluble Polymers and the Particles Obtained (Technology #: 050100-01)
The invention is a process for the preparation of crosslinked water-swellable polymer particles. First, an aqueous polymer solution containing a water-soluble polymer having at least one functional group or charge, is combined with aqueous medium. The aqueous polymer solution is then mixed under moderate agitation with an oil medium and an emul...
Published: 4/3/2009   |   Inventor(s): John Vanderhoff
Keywords(s): Aqueous Dispersions, Implantation, Regenerative Medicine
Category(s): Life Sciences
Methanol Oxidation Over Bulk Metal Vanadate Catalysts (Technology #: 101007-06)
A method wherein a methanol-containing gas stream is passed in contact with a catalyst comprising a supported or unsupported bulk vanadate catalyst in the presence of an oxidizing agent for a time sufficient to convert at least a portion of the methanol to formaldehyde (CH2O). APPLICATIONS Formaldehyde, which is the product generated by the tech...
Published: 3/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Israel Wachs, Laura Briand
Keywords(s): Tissue Fixative
Category(s): Life Sciences
Reduced and Quaternized Psoralens as Photo-Activated Therapeutics (Technology#: 090294-01)
The invention features phototherapeutic compositions comprising Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 psoralens and methods of using such compounds for treatment of proliferative diseases of skin, blood and bone marrow. APPLICATIONS photosensitization photochemotherapy photopheresis STATUS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY This technology is protected under...
Published: 3/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Ned Heindel
Keywords(s): Biomedical Applications, Phototherapy, Skin Disease
Category(s): Life Sciences
Method And Reagents For Assessing Lipoprotein Metabolism (Technology #: 030698-01)
The present invention provides methods and reagents for assessing lipoprotein metabolism. The methods provided are applicable for use on multiple samples in a clinical laboratory, thus obviating the need for sophisticated instrumentation, such as flow cytometry. Selected cell types in a test sample are uniformly labeled with a detectable report...
Published: 3/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): John Abel, Barbara ObrepalskA-Bielska, Eugene Nau, Kathy Gottlund
Keywords(s): Biomedical Applications, Genetic Defects
Category(s): Life Sciences
Production of Dyed Polymer Microparticles (Technology#: 012103-01)
A dye, such as a fluorescent dye, is incorporated into polymer microparticles using a solvent system composed of a first solvent in which the dye and the microparticle polymer are soluble, a second solvent in which the dye and the microparticle polymer are not or only weakly soluble, and a third solvent in which the dye and the microparticle po...
Published: 3/16/2009   |   Inventor(s): Eric Daniels, Victoria Dimonie
Keywords(s): Fluorescence, Microparticles
Category(s): Life Sciences
Fluorescent Tags For Amino Acid And Nucleic Acid Analysis (Technology#: 040403-01)
The given technology provides methods and kits for labeling and detecting thiol containing species and nucleic acids using mercurimethyl-dihydropsoralen compounds and derivatives thereof which intercalate nucleic acids and are highly reactive with thiol containing species are provided. Fluorescent reactions products of the mercurimethyl-dihydro...
Published: 3/16/2009   |   Inventor(s): Ned Heindel
Keywords(s): Labeling, Nucleic Acids
Category(s): Life Sciences
Preparation Method of Nano/Macroporous Bone Tissue Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine (Technology #: 051306-01)
The present invention provides a method, based on sol-gel processing and polymerization-induced phase separation, for preparing a silica-based bioactive scaffold, in which the pore structure, consisting of interconnected pores of both hundreds of micrometers, and several to tens of nanometers in size, is optimized for enhanced bone regeneration...
Published: 2/23/2009   |   Inventor(s): Himanshu Jain, Ana Marques, Rui Almeida
Keywords(s): Biomedical Applications, Bone Regeneration, Medical Treatment, Nano/Macroporosity, Nanotechnology, Regenerative Medicine, Scaffold
Category(s): Life Sciences
Spermicidal and Microbicidal Actions of Fluorous Surfactants (Technology #: 080207-01)
Numerous spermicidal products are already marketed, including stand-alone contraceptive foams, gels, films or creams, along with combined products including condoms coated with spermicidal lubricants, sponges, etc. Most such products contain nonoxynol-9 (N-9) or similar compounds in substantial concentrations (3.5% in gels or creams). While wide...
Published: 2/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Barry Bean, Robert Flowers, Jennifer Venditti, Rajni Singh
Keywords(s): Birth Control, Contraceptive, Spermicide
Category(s): Life Sciences
Fabrication of Interconnected Nano-Macro Porous Glass by the Melt-Quench-Heat-Etch Method (Technology#: 011807-01)
This invention provides a superior method for creating interconnected nano-macro porous glass. It exploits the advantages of the conventional melt-quench processing, as well as allows for the introduction of controlled porosity without significant cracking. When applied to soda-lime phosphosilicate glass system it makes glass that has potentia...
Published: 2/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Himanshu Jain, Hassan Moawad
Keywords(s): Biomedical, Biomedical Applications, Bone Regeneration, Medical Treatment, Melt-Quench, Nanotechnology, Regenerative Medicine, Scaffold
Category(s): Life Sciences
Force Spectroscopy Platform for DNA Sequencing (Technology #: 083106-02)
Force Spectroscopy for Genomics delivers fast and affordable genome sequencing through detection of a single nucleotide addition (SNA) by analysis of changes in mechanical properties and molecular structure of single DNA fragments. It provides a massively parallel format for genome sequencing that does not use amplification, separation, or labe...
Published: 2/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Dimitri Vezenov
Keywords(s): Biomedical Applications, Biosensors, DNA sequencing, Force Spectroscopy, Microarrays
Category(s): Life Sciences
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