Force Spectroscopy Platform for DNA Sequencing (Technology #: 083106-02)


Force Spectroscopy for Genomics delivers fast and affordable genome sequencing through detection of a single nucleotide addition (SNA) by analysis of changes in mechanical properties and molecular structure of single DNA fragments. It provides a massively parallel format for genome sequencing that does not use amplification, separation, or labeled nucleotides.

Force spectroscopy of DNA undergoing arrested polymerization implements a one-molecule-at-a-time analysis to determine changes in molecular elasticity. With the use of optical near field probes, the method of force spectroscopy has a massively parallel format, where millions of SNA additions can be followed at the same time. The technique does not require labeling of nucleotide bases, and base calling is done exclusively on the basis of changes experienced by the molecule as a whole. Exclusion of separation and amplification steps further speeds up the timeframe of genome sequencing. The implementation of force spectroscopy in the highly parallel format allows for further miniaturization of the sequencing device and automation of the procedures by employing microfluidics for steps involving the SNA cycle. Single molecule stretching assay will help to move medical treatment to a diversified, patient-centered treatment with determination of a full genome as a routine test.


Massively parallel format for genome sequencing that does not use amplification, separation, or labeled nucleotides.  Simultaneous use of a magnetic handle to exert force and quantum dots (or other "reporters") to read the molecular distance

  • The use of force spectroscopy for sequencing
  • Biological arrays (protein, DNA, glycosides, small molecule - metabolites, drugs, etc.)
  • Bioanalysis that require DNA hybridization/polymerization


A US utility patent application has been filed: 20080286878

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